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Every month architects and industry insiders share their recommendations for the best exhibitions and events to visit in Istanbul. Views expressed on this page are those of the author, and may not reflect those of the editors of the Architecture Diaries.


Neslihan İmamoğlu

freelance art and architecture editor & creative director, MSc. architect

Neslihan graduated from the Department of Architecture at Yeditepe University in 2012. She completed her master’s degree in the architectural design program at the Yıldız Technical University in 2019. Between 2013-2023, she worked at Binat Architectural Media Group, where she left her position with the title of Digital Publication Coordinator & Creative Director. In this period she gained experience in digital and printed media publication with Betonart, Arredamento Mimarlık, bi-özet, BIM Dictionary, Hitit Mod, etc.. She also worked on many creative communication and network projects such as the Architecture Festival of İstanbul, PNR.İstanbul, Mimarlığa Merhaba, VBenzeri Kampüs in different roles. These roles included concept creation, coordination, content research, communication strategist, competition reporter, and creative director. In addition to national and international projects, she prepared communication strategies for companies in the building sector.

She also had experience with the TAG Platform and was a member of Design for All Europe. During her membership, she participated in and created workshops and projects such as “Tasarım Avı” which aim to increase public awareness in subjects such as design, design for all, public space, and design equity. In her academic studies, she focused on informal learning practices.

Besides her professional experience, she tutored at Sakarya University as a guest lecturer for 2 years and participated in some design competitions as a jury member. She continues to build ideas for creative industries and writes architecture, art, and cinema articles as a freelancer.

Website: www.neslihanimamoglu.com
Instagram: neslihan.im
LinkedIn: neslihan-imamoglu

Recent publications:

“June is the new September”

Following an art exhibition opening, while we were trying to catch up with the next event, one of the art critics said, “May is the new September”. I don’t remember who said that but I hope they don’t mind that I borrowed this sentence with a little change as the title of that diary, which explains my long list perfectly. As I am honored to be a guest editor of Istanbul Architecture Diary, I feel lucky to have prepared this list for this month full of new events. I’ve curated a selection of upcoming and current art and architecture events with brief messages specifically for architects. 

That list consist of some parts: Nice to Catch Up, Recently Opened, Can’t Wait to See, Reading&Watching and Outside of Istanbul.

Enjoy the reading and enjoy the city! 



Nice to Catch Up:


“Parça Parça” / Merdiven Art Space 

The exhibition “Parça Parça,” curated by Neriman Polat, features works by Defne Parman, Doğa Çal, and Hilal Balcı that explore the experiences of being a woman. I found Doğa Çal’s work, titled “Kafam Başka Yerde” (My Head is Elsewhere), particularly thought-provoking. It features fragmented, moving bodies within a domestic setting, she invites viewers to think about domestic space using an absurd, non-tragedic style. Çal’s “duvarı örmek” (knitting the wall) also showcases the artist’s intervention in a standing, uncompleted structure by knitting.

#body and space, #domestic space #intervention to space #interior and exterior


“Underneath The Stones; Moment and Archive”  / Anna Laudel 

Tuğçe Diri’s solo exhibition “Underneath The Stones; Moment and Archive” can be interesting for visitors who are interested in architecture. The multidisciplinary artist draws inspiration from significant architectural structures such as the Hagia Sophia, the AKM, the Arab Mosque, and the Molla Zeyrek Mosque. She reimagines Istanbul’s and Cappadocia’s memories with the graphic technique of frottage. Her works resemble cognitive maps of the places and make visitors relate the city’s atmosphere and history with the patterns, frames in frames, colors, texture, and forms. 

#historical buildings #cognitive maps #a way of remember #patterns of a city


Exhibition Designs of KPM

KPM Kerem Piker Architecture has many exhibition designs, including the internationally recognized “Vardiya” (16th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale Di Venezia Pavilion of Turkey). And in addition to their content, these two exhibitions were included on the list for their exhibition designs by KPM. The first exhibition, “I’m Nobody, Who Are You?” by Esra Yazıcı Tözge, is on display at Goba Art & Design until June 8th. The second exhibition, “In Dreams, We Unite” by Dilek Yaman, can be seen at Ferda Art Platform until June 5th.

#exhibition design #art and architecture 


“M+D=35 1987-2022 PROJE/CTS” Book Launch & Conversation / Salt Galata 

Showcasing the architectural creations of Metin Kılıç and Dürrin Süer’s M+D Architecture, the book “M+D=35 1987-2022 PROJECTS/CTS” was released in September by b. kitap. Edited by Deniz Güner, the book presents the architects’ works spanning from 1987 to 2022. It also features contributions from Erdem Erten, Celal Abdi Güzer, and Suha Özkan. Honored with the Best Book Design Award at the 42nd Graphic Design Exhibition organized by the Chamber of Graphic Designers (GMK), the book’s graphic language and design have the signatures of Umut Altıntaş and Elif Sarıgüzmen. Following its initial introduction at the Izmir Architecture Center, the “M+D=35 1987-2022 PROJECTS/CTS” book will be presented at Salt Galata on June 11, 2024, at 7:00 pm. The event will feature talks by the book’s editor Deniz Güner, along with Erdem Erten, Umut Altıntaş, Metin Kılıç, and Dürrin Süer.

#architect’s monograph #book and architecture #book design #architecture book 



Recently Opened:


Table Exhibitions #2: “Chambers Of The Past” / The Circle 

The second edition of “Table Exhibitions” opened on May 30th in The Circle and it runs until the end of the month. It features Ömer Selçuk Baz’s ongoing project “Liberation Museum of Manisa” presented as a “Space of Memory.” Curated by Heval Zeliha Yüksel, the exhibition allows visitors to explore the project’s design process through historical timelines, background stories, sketches, models, videos, material samples, and photographs. 

#space of a memory #an architect’s table #design concept #design process #form and material 


“Notes on Air” / Salt Beyoğlu

The current exhibition at Salt Beyoğlu, “Notes on Air”, conceived and designed by the design agency 2050+,  focuses on “air pollution”. As most of the exhibition team are architects, the exhibition has a strong spatial impact and combines research, politics, art, and architecture. How can data be visualized differently and materialized in a space? The installation encourages visitors to engage with the “materiality of air” through a spatial intervention created by data visualization, colors, materials, sound, and images. A screening program addressing various environmental issues is accompanying the exhibition.

#data visualization #data and space #air pollution 


“How Did We Get Here?” / YUNT

YUNT is a non-profit art and interaction space located in Sultanbeyli. And Mike Berg’s “How Did We Get Here?” is the third exhibition of YUNT. The exhibition features various works by Mike Berg, including sculptures. Among them is the newly created “Pyramid” displayed indoors. Berg’s other sculpture, “Cage,” previously exhibited indoors, can now be seen outdoors for the first time. The exhibition location and layout give works other layers to explore. Parallel to the exhibition, YUNT is hosting talks on public art and public space.

#public space #public art #openness and closeness 


“Painting Today” / Yapı Kredi Culture and Art (YKKS)

The new exhibition of YKKS offers a comprehensive overview of contemporary painting from Turkey. Besides the opportunity to see the approaches and techniques of contemporary painters side by side, the exhibition curation and layout work with the building itself. The first work that greets the viewer is Leyla Gediz’s installation at the museum entrance. Questioning concepts such as public space, private space, privacy, security, inside, outside, and threshold, the work is an example of painting itself becoming a space-making element. Another spatially significant work is Can Aytekin’s painting that greets us in the main exhibition hall. Derya Ülker’s work, which depicts her impressions of the preparation process during the exhibition installation, also evokes architectural excitement from the point of view of seeing different moments of the space. 

#art and space #installation #inbetween #painting and space 


PƎRⱯ Reverse: Exercises in Spaces and Texts  / Pera Museum 

The curators of the exhibition that opened at the PERA Museum are three architects and artists: Yelta Köm, Mona Mahal (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar), and  Aslı Serbest (Hochschule für Künste Bremen). They initiated “PƎRⱯ Reverse” which proposes itself as an institution and brings together artists, architects, and researchers from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Tehran, Hong Kong, Osaka, Berlin, Weimar, and other German cities. The exhibition story starts with the two paintings from the museum’s Orientalist Painting Collection which leads to a way to critic museums and universities -the leading example, Bauhaus- as places that set norms. In three parts entitled “Globals,” “Steps,” and “Speculations” the exhibition features PƎRⱯ Reverse team’s explorations and critics that questioned the power relations, formal institutions, and socio-political conditions. 

#bauhaus #citymaps #city exploration #reverse #museums and universities #reversing the forms and norms 



Can’t Wait to See: 


“Olafur Eliasson: Your unexpected encounter” / İstanbul Modern 

Olafur Eliasson’s first solo exhibition in İstanbul, titled “Your unexpected encounter” presents an opportunity to view and explore the themes that the artist has focused on throughout his 30 years of career. 

#light #color #movement #geometry #environment #art and space 



Reading & Watching


Since this month is full of exhibitions, I would like to recommend something read and watch on art:


Outside of Istanbul


  • “Mahsül Vakaları” at Bayetav in İzmir. Curated by Dilşad Aladağ. 
  • The exhibition “The Journey of The Line” witnessing architects’ and artists’ processes of sketch will open the 4th of June at Siyah Beyaz Galeri in Ankara.
  • The Artistic Director of the 19th International Architecture Exhibition (Biennale Architettura 2025) invites emerging design practitioners to submit projects that utilize natural, artificial, and collective intelligence to combat the climate crisis with an open call.


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