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The second edition of "Table Exhibitions" opened on May 30th in The Circle and it runs until the end of the month. It features Ömer Selçuk Baz's ongoing project "Liberation Museum of Manisa" presented as a "Space of Memory." Curated by Heval Zeliha Yüksel, the exhibition allows visitors to explore the project's design process through historical timelines, background stories, sketches, models, videos, material samples, and photographs.

"What we do, our encounters, and what happens to us, whether good or bad, all shape us. We can't choose every encounter; we avoid some, and knowingly or unknowingly, we're drawn into others. These choices, glances, evasions, and pursuits inevitably define us.

These 'pre-brick time rooms' in Manisa are also products of many escapades and pursuits.

This ancient-faced structure, drawn to by chance or conscious decision, can actually be described as a kind of sensory space.

Please, don't see this 'peculiar' structure merely as a physical 'matter-space' yet unfinished. This structure is conceived as an expression of forgotten various construction techniques, a sharp sooty moment of recent history, landscape, fire, a vanished city, and a story we've personalized.

This effort can be interpreted as an intention to create a kind of 'sensory enhancer' that allows the feeling of certain significant events from the past.

For now, thoughts, processes, and works are scattered across this layered table. When it's finished, let's meet in its 'rooms'..."

Table Exhibition #2 – Ömer Selçuk Baz – Chambers of The Past
Image: Image is taken from event's web page.

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