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Mahsul Vakaları (Cases of Yield) is an extension of the "Yield Project," which began in Çukurova and continues in Izmir, exploring the environmental, cultural, and social yields of the rural modernization process along the Mediterranean coast of Anatolia.

The research, ongoing since the summer of 2022, is enriched by geographical tours, archive visits, interviews, and recordings, while simultaneously offering an expanding online archive experiment.

Supported by the CultureCIVIC Local Grants Program for its Adana leg and the BAYETAV We Live Together Support Program for its Izmir leg, the "Yield Project" views ecology as a multi-layered and dynamic network interwoven with interspecies relationships.

With "Cases of Yield," it proposes to reflect on today's dynamics by recalling, reinterpreting, and imagining interspecies togetherness through stories from the geography.

Mahsul Vakaları
Image: Image is taken from event's press release.

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