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Alican Leblebici's personal exhibition titled "In the Middle of the Ring" he focuses on the political and social impact of the unforgettable representative of the ring, the legendary boxer and activist Muhammad Ali, and reshapes the ring and the space it expresses from today's perspective. Calling to explore the social and political meanings of the ring, the exhibition emphasizes that phenomena such as racism, otherness, war and political violence, which determined the socio-political climate of the period in which Muhammad Ali lived, are still current in local and today's world issues. For Alican Leblebici, who has been interested in boxing since his early ages and has painted boxing gloves as representations of the object of power, the ring is not only a sports arena but also a social and political symbol, an arena where concepts such as power, struggle, justice, equality, strategy and resistance are visible. is positioned. According to the artist; the ring represents the balance of power in society and the social, political or ideological differences between the competing parties. The artist says that the ring can be read as a symbol of dominance, authority and control.

The “In the Middle of the Ring” exhibition shows Muhammad Ali's political messages and actions, his relationship with the present in relation to the social and political issues of the time, and how he can interact with current events and historical figures. It focuses on Muhammad Ali's achievements in the boxing ring, as well as his influence in the political and social arena. Leblebici reveals Ali's contributions to the civil rights movement, his stance against the Vietnam War and his religious beliefs with extremely realistic paintings, neon symbols and pop-art influences that create a feeling of shock. In the exhibition, Ali's words and actions are depicted in a narrative woven with the social and political issues of the period.

In the Middle of the Ring
Image: Alican Leblebici, In the Middle of the Ring Series 3, oil on canvas, 120x180cm, 2023

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Organiser Merdiven Art Space

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Merdiven Alt Space More Info

Address: Fındıklı, Murat Han, Meclis-i Mebusan Cd. No 31 KAT 1
Venue Instagram @merdivenartspace

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