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'architectural critique' is a conference program that will take place for the first time on February 17, 2023 at Zorlu PSM.

With the conference, which is planned to be repeated every year, it is aimed to go beyond the ordinary, to look beyond the visible face of architecture and to deepen this examination with the contributions of valuable architects and academics in the sector.

The 'architectural critique' Conference is organized by DAC, which produces works that will contribute to the architectural environment, create permanent content, open horizons and bring the architectural community together.

Architectural Criticism’23 | Confrontation
Image: Image taken from event's poster. Sktech by Heval Zeliha Yüksel

General Info

Event Type(s) Conferences
Tickets/Booking/RSVP: criticism.dacistanbul.com/...
Organiser DAC İstanbul

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